Precautions for the use of cement pole mould

2021/7/9 0:15:29 hist

1.Before filling in the concrete, the wedge is cleaned, the wall is coated and the groove is inserted.

2. After filling in the concrete, remove the sand and stone from the parting surface and the wedge, then tighten the joint bolt.

3. pole moulds in pole centrifuge must be slow to medium speed, on the order of high speed running, it is strictly prohibited to high speed start, in case the mould due to the sudden acceleration fly out of the centrifuge.The working time of the mould on the centrifuge should be 10 ~ 15 minutes.

4. mold on centrifuge operation, attention should be paid to the mould is running normally, found that the different shape or abnormal noise, running etc. Phenomenon, should stop the machine immediately to check and eliminate the fault and then continue to operate, such as continuous found dogan mold with different shape or abnormal rushing sound, you should check the centrifuge is normal.Operators are strictly prohibited from doing other jobs or leaving jobs.

5. The die should be hung gently, no collisions and heavy hammers.The steam feed should be piled in science, keep the center of gravity steady and prevent the mould from deforming.