About us
Taizhou Maiteng Machinery Co.,Ltd (TAIZHOU SPRING CITY BUILDING MATERIALS MACHINERY FACTORY) is one of the leading manufacturers in the production of centrifugal molding high strength concrete pole mould, pole steel mould, water supply and drainage tube mould, hanging roll pipe mould, pipe column centrifuge, electric rod centrifuge, pipe roller machine, steel bar fixed cutting machine and steel frame rolling welding machine.

Concrete pole machine

Concrete spun pole mold is used for concrete pole production in modern industry.

Concrete pipe machine

The concrete dosing machine is designed to disperse mixed concrete into the concrete pole mold.

Concrete pile machine

Double roller centrifugal spinning machine is developed and manufactured according to latest productivity and concrete pole plant

Main products

The patented cage welding machine is mainly applied for welding steel cages that are used in reinforced concrete poles...